Coded Parole Girls “Escort Girls” Deserve Respect

Codedparole girls is another name for call girls or Escorts girls. These ladies are not prostitutes since their operation differs from that of the ladies of the night. Escort girls should be respected even though many may not support what they do. Girls actually think they can pull sugar daddy anytime they want. Escort girls put in so much work in their Everything, From strategic marketing, to their body package , their skin , Aura. Lmaooo, because you have a pretty face , you think you can land a senator anytime, anyhow. You think it’s easy meeting the big bucks and actually getting them to pay good money for your services?, If it’s easy , why are lots of girls standing on the road. Escort girls are classic and live a luxury life , I know a girl, that doesn’t enter sun, And she was a student , how student no go dey enter sun please? . Room is 24hrs AC, Generator running 24hrs, As back as many years ago, she was on fruit and vegetables only for her skin. Skin be like Glossy Milk When last did you work out , Eat healthy, Put in work on your body, Do your kegels , Take your vitamin supplements, With your big belly you’re chatting s*it like “I can make easy money but I don’t want to do runs And besides you don’t even have guts. Fear of Ritual go wan kill u. My point is, These Girls dey put in work. You might not approve but Don’t Trivialise their hard work because that shiit no easy. And you couldn’t even do it even if you wanted to. Being an escort is a profession, be classic and be professional.

Escort is a profession

Peace Olayemi is a young girl who works as a porn-star in Lagos, Nigeria.

The girl who is endowed with big boobs is currently working for the pornography company – HOC Lifestyle, who only make little or no money by having sex on webcam.
“#life of a rude girl# September 6 is de date I was born to pls nobody Believe in yourself until others have no other option than to believe in you” is the welcome message on her Instagram profile page.
No doubt Peace is right regarding her welcome message on Instagram, but Peace is from a poor family and despite her job, their condition hasn’t improved as her family lives in a rented apartment in one of the local areas in Lagos.
Nigeria Escorts or porn stars are yet to lean about the professionalism aspect of the Adult industry, You can make millions of Naira as a professional escort by being independent and classic. is a platform to meet the right clients,  you are totally in control and decide who to meet or where to meet. We are the No 1 escort directory in Nigeria, be professional.

Meet Angela White Australia’s most successful adult film

Ever wondered what it’s like to be Australia’s most successful adult film star?

Well you needn’t wonder anymore as Angela White, who is apparently Australia’s most successful porn star, has spilled the beans on what her life is really like.

On Seven’s Interview with Andrew Denton on Tuesday night, Angela admitted her life hasn’t been totally smooth-sailing and her family struggled with her chosen career path.

Angela White, Australia’s most successful porn star, has spilled the beans on what her life is really like. Source: Instagram/theangelawhite

The 33-year-old admitted it was “tough for [her parents] at the start”.

Her mother especially was concerned.

“I was never shunned by family, I was never rejected by my family, but my mum particularly was worried when I told her,” she explained.

However, Angela believes her mother’s concerns were down to her lack of knowledge about the pornography industry.

“There’s a lot of myths that surround the industry,” she explained. “That the women in the industry are pimped out or abused or degraded.


Angela admitted her mother struggled with her choice of career at first. Source: Instagram/theangelawhite

“If you really don’t know anything about the industry and those are the only things you’ve heard about it, then of course as a mother you’re going to be worried about you daughter saying, ‘This is what I want to do with my life.’”

Her father on the other hand “didn’t really have much of a reaction”.

In terms of her day-to-day life, Angela revealed she doesn’t like receiving attention in public and is actually quite shy in real life.

“I’m actually really shy off camera,” she admitted in the interview. “It’s kind of a double-edged sword.”

So much so, the porn star struggles to do normal things like grocery shopping, specifically when she’s looking at zucchinis.

Angela – here at the 2018 Adult Video News Awards – admitted struggles to do normal things in public like grocery shopping, specifically when she’s looking at zucchinis. Source: Getty

“I don’t really want that much attention in public,” Angela said. “I just want to do my grocery shopping without someone looking at me weirdly when I’m looking at the zucchinis, because I really am just wanting to make food at home, and I’m not doing anything crazy with them.”

Despite building herself a career in the porn industry, Angela certainly isn’t a one-trick pony.

In 2010, she graduated with a first-class honours bachelor of arts degree from the University of Melbourne.

So there you have it folks, a bit of an insight into the life of Australia’s most successful adult film star.

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Confessions of an escortgirl

Confessions of a high-class call girl: Woman who swapped her office job for sex work reveals she was flown around the world and paid $50,000 in CASH (but gave it all up for the man she loved).

A former escort who once had men throwing ‘huge sums of money’ at her and jetted all around the world for free has turned her experiences into a series of books.

New Yorker Lantana Bleu – who prefers not to reveal her real name – once had her lavish lifestyle funded by wealthy men and couldn’t conceive the idea of settling down.

But now she has ‘retired’ from her lucrative career as a sex worker and turned her hand to writing, penning a three-part book series based on her wild past.

The trilogy – which is part-autobiographical, part-fictional – follows ‘modern courtesan’ Miss Melisse as she navigates the bizarre world of sex work.

Lantana, who is now in her late-30s, says that she feels she was destined for the profession.

‘I’d always been fascinated by the world of escorts,’ she told FEMAIL. ‘It’s like it was a calling.’ 

Lantana worked her way through university in her early 20s as an office temp, but says she ‘hated the corporate world’.

After briefly working as a dancer, she decided it was time for a change in career.

‘I acted on my instincts and became a call girl in New York,’ she recalled.

She started out working in a ‘luxurious’ brothel where, she said, ‘I worked for a very nice lady and she taught me a lot.’

After the brothel was shut down, Lantana set herself up with her own apartment, advertised her services in local newspapers, and began her fledgling career as a high-class escort.

‘At first I was very careful to always screen the men before meeting them in person,’ she said. 

‘I’d call them at work to make sure they were who they said they were, and I’d always meet them for the first time in public. I even hired a bodyguard.’

But she insists that despite her caution, she has ‘never had a bad experience’ and that she enjoyed every minute of her newfound career path, adding: ‘I already loved it, so I was just getting paid to do what I love.’

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